GPS Antenna Platform

GPS Antenna Platform

Price: $737.05

This new tripod concept creates a very stable setup using standard cinder blocks as weights (sand bags may also be used).

It is ideal for network reference station installers who want to evaluate a site for multipath before committing to the installation.

The platform can be used for private network sites where the building owner does not want any permanent attachment to their building.

It can be used as a temporary site for local networks, construction sites, AG sites, etc.

The mast is 36 inches long with standard 2-inch pipe threads.  Sections can be added for more height.

It comes with a removable 5/8x11 adapter.

This platform folds up for portability and includes tools and a system carrying bag.

Platform sections hold 8x16 inch cinder blocks.

Weighs 25 lbs.