ChrisNik HoundDog Magnetic Locator

ChrisNik HoundDog Magnetic Locator

Price: $884.99
ChrisNik's HoundDog is built with new high-tech Fence Ignoring Technology (FIT). The HoundDog can sniff out those hard to find survey markers under fences and around metal buildings. The HoundDog works great with ChrisNik's Mag Nail®, Mag Spike®, and Mag Hub®! ChrisNik's new HoundDog locator with its patented technology will quickly become your best friend!

The HoundDog locator finds the positive polarity at the top of ferrous metal objects while ignoring the negative polarity polarity found at the bottom. This allows the HoundDog to ignore the bottom of a fence and easily find the top of buried Mag Nails, rebar, or other ferrous survey markers. 

Setting 1 (Normal Locator Mode) Detection of metal objects, positive or negative will be indicated with the familiar audio tone and red light. 

Setting 2 (Fence Ignoring Technology Mode) When detecting a negative or an object like the bottom of a fence, a green light comes on and emits a low steady audio tone ignoring the bottom of the fence. Then when detecting a positive or an object like the top of a survey marker a red light comes on and emits the normal locator audio tone. Helping you easily find your survey marker. 


  • 38" long
  • 2" O.D. at widest point
  • 3.5 lbs
  • Does not collapse
  • Includes soft Cordura Carrying Case
  • 5 year warranty